Thursday, 22 June 2006

Rolepayers of the World UNITE!!

This explains a lot.

Just to keep you going for a while. I rogued this from the
TTN forum, and do not know where it came from but its excellent.

Apparently David Cameron, Leader to the Conservative Party (UK), and his friends are Roleplay geeks as well.

Excellent...... we will take over the world. hehehehehehehehe

On the plus side Vin Deisel is/was a rolepayer as well.

If you have come across famous RPGers stick it in a comment.

Thursday, 1 June 2006

Gone but not forgotten

Sorry I have not posted until now. A friend I knew for the past 2 or 3 years died at the weekend. So i have not really been feeling up to it.

Alan Neil was the founder and President of TTN. He began the long saga of Q-Con. He even came to mine in the Navan Centre, in Armagh.

He had a stroke. The doctors could not do anything. And yet he still thought of others, he carried a donor card.

I was not his best friend nor he mine. but he was very likeable and full of life. It could be very infectious.

He leaves a lot of people who loved him and liked him. His long term girlfriend, his long term house mate, his family and everybody else who ever met him.

He will be greatly missed. He loved Guns n Roses, but i shall quote Iron Maiden - "Only the Good die young". His was in his thirties, just like me.

I shall be attending the funeral tomorrow (2nd June 2006). Normal service will resume there after.