Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Christmas Bash

A few friends and myself had an excellent post christmas 40k day on Saturday 27th December.

Four of us got together at my house and set up two tables with modular sections. So no table with a cloth for our games.

The armies were also varied. There was a tyranid army, Tau army, a chaos space marine army and I had a space marine army. Between the four of us we got a good two solid games each on the day

I got to play both games with the "Sieze Ground" scenarios, the first being a Dawn of War mission while the other was Spearhead.
I fought against the Tau in the first game - lots of minor mistakes on both sides - both in tactics and rules - but hey it was still fun with, bizzarely, a discussion on what to do between the two of us when we were supposed to be clobbering each other. Very enjoyable and ended up a draw - but mostly because of friendly tips from the Tau player.
I am still trying to get my head around objectives. I have mostly always played space marines, but i am a natural Khorne follower, i.e. charge and shoot and kill and loot and destroy.
The second game was against Chaos Space Marines. Plenty of fun and learning in this game too. Lucky for me though the Chaos player got slightly stuck between a hill and a building while i slowed him down and grabbed as many objectives as possible. One of the funnier moments was when the Chaos Land Raider decided to ram my own Land Raider. There was lots of bangs and smashes with little but paint work scratched when the smoke and dust cleared. I justcould not believe he rammed me. But it was a good run through of the rules on ramming. Might try it myself sometime - not as desparate as i first thought it was.
Lots of last turn tricky shooting and blowing things up rolls with the dice rolling in my favour this time.
All in all a brilliant day, which i hope will happen again soon.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Seasame censored

This made me laugh very hard

Back again for more

Well i have not been the most regular updater of a blog, but at least it hasn't lain idle since 2005 like some.

I have some photos to upload and a wee report on the first real Games Workshop 40k tournament in Northern Ireland, which happened at Q-Con in Belfast. It were right bloody brilliant.

More 40k goodness has been happening lately as well and i have recieved my package - the gamers edition - with much delight. Not to mention the up-coming Apocalypse Reload book. Huzzah.

I have not been roleplaying or reading that much recently but i hope to get back into it again - just too many commitments with 2 kids a job a wife and numerous other things sucking away my time. Not that i mind too much.

I have almost finished painting my first Baneblade so will put up piccies as soon as posible.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

40k: Revolutions

Well by now you should already be aware of the imminent release of 40k 5th Edition.

Some nice rumours can be found at Bell of Lost Souls

There is also a mother of all cheesy trailers on the GW website at

Surprised that they have it hosted on Youtube, but there you go the money meisters are at it again, probably knowing full well that they do not have to do that much of a hard sell.

I have dibs on the Gamers edition which will, apparently, be in a nice ammo crate box with some counters.

I also received via the 40K underworld an alleged copy of the 5th edition pre-finished in a pdf format. I wonder if this is a real thing, and if it is - is it a deliberate leak to get people playing with the new rules now so they will be used to the difference come July when it is launched??

Thursday, 3 April 2008

End of 2008 will come with a thud

The news I have been waiting on is here, even though the game is not. Cyanide, the erstwhile makers of Chaos League, will be making a major contribution to the diverse Games Workshop portfolio by producing the computer version of one of the most popular board games ever – Blood Bowl.

Chaos League was a great game and was seen as Blood Bowl on the PC in all but name. This led to a minor kafuffle with GW, but all seemed to end amicably with Cyanide gaining the official license to produce Blood Bowl based computer games and that the Chaos League title was transferred to GW. An undisclosed amount of money was coughed up by cyanide for the privilidge.

However, it seems to have paid off with even the tiny amount of info on the website looking beautiful and making me drool too much.

Methinks this Christmas is going to be good.

Below is the official statement on the game from Cyanide.

Release Date : Year-end 2008 Official Website :

The Blood Bowl game, currently being developed by Cyanide and to be published by Focus Home Interactive, is an adaptation of Games Workshop's highly successful board game. Matches, involving two teams of 11 players, are as tactical as American football, but far more violent! The winner is the team that scores the most touchdowns (i.e. gets the ball into the opposition end zone) and it's basically no holds barred to that end! It even happens that the players on one side are completely wiped out... Despite the best efforts of the Apothecaries.
Discover or relive furious Blood Bowl matches via the turn-based mode which fully respects the rules of the Living Rulebook 5. If you're up to it, there is also a real-time mode which will seriously test your nerves and your reflexes.

Become coach of an unmerciful team of Blood Bowlers and recruit players from 8 different races: Chaos, Dwarfs, Goblins, Humans, Lizardmen, Orcs, Skavens or Wood Elves.

Lead your players to victory and progress them through multiplayer championships (Internet).
Renew and upgrade player equipment so as to improve their characteristics, making them even more dangerous and pitiless during a game.

Customize your players, creating your own identity for your team.

Blood Bowl development is on-going and the game should hit the shelves (with a heavy thud) by year-end 2008. Keep up to date on events via the official game website (news, screens, videos...). You can also interact with the development team and ask all sorts of questions via the game forum.

Beta-testing is under way thanks to a full complement of dedicated players. At present, we are seeking no more beta testers.

Thanks for your interest in Blood Bowl.

Friday, 7 March 2008

In memory of Gary Gygax who has died at 69

Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, died on 4th March 2008 at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Gygax designed the original D&D game with Dave Arneson in 1974, and went on to create the Dangerous Journeys and Lejendary Adventure RPGs, as well as a number of board games. He also wrote several fantasy novels.

Gygax went beyond the role of game developer and appeared as himself in episodes of Futurama and Code Monkeys.

He will be missed.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Fantasy Flight Games to Exclusively Publish Board Games, Card Games, and Roleplaying Games based on Games Workshop properties

Latest announcement from Black Industries
22/February/2008 - Fantasy Flight Games Announcement

Fantasy Flight Games to Exclusively Publish Board Games, Card Games, and Roleplaying Games based on Games Workshop properties.Roseville, Minnesota (February 22, 2008) – Fantasy Flight Games (“FFG”) and Games Workshop (“GW”) jointly announced today that they have reached an agreement for Fantasy Flight Games to become the exclusive publisher of board games, card games (including collectible card games), and roleplaying games based on Games Workshop’s family of renowned intellectual properties including Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40,000.
Additionally, the deal will grant FFG the exclusive rights to publish new versions of the classic board and card games titles published by Games Workshop over the last 25 years.Additionally, a second agreement between the parties will transfer the publication rights and system of the Universal Fighting System CCG, formerly published by Sabertooth Games, to FFG.“We are just so thrilled to partner with Games Workshop in such an encompassing deal,” said Christian T. Petersen, CEO and founder of FFG. “Not only will we be able to continue the publication of some phenomenal roleplaying, card, and board games currently on the market, but we look forward to creating new games for the popular GW universes!”
"In Fantasy Flight Games, we’ve found a partner who shares our passion for gaming and our dedication to producing the highest quality products,” said Andy Jones, Head of Legal and Licensing for Games Workshop. “e legacy of our board, card, and roleplaying games is in the best possible hands with them, and we are extremely excited about the prospects of seeing some fabulous new games set in our universes as well. ”