Monday, 14 July 2008

Seasame censored

This made me laugh very hard

Back again for more

Well i have not been the most regular updater of a blog, but at least it hasn't lain idle since 2005 like some.

I have some photos to upload and a wee report on the first real Games Workshop 40k tournament in Northern Ireland, which happened at Q-Con in Belfast. It were right bloody brilliant.

More 40k goodness has been happening lately as well and i have recieved my package - the gamers edition - with much delight. Not to mention the up-coming Apocalypse Reload book. Huzzah.

I have not been roleplaying or reading that much recently but i hope to get back into it again - just too many commitments with 2 kids a job a wife and numerous other things sucking away my time. Not that i mind too much.

I have almost finished painting my first Baneblade so will put up piccies as soon as posible.