Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Christmas Bash

A few friends and myself had an excellent post christmas 40k day on Saturday 27th December.

Four of us got together at my house and set up two tables with modular sections. So no table with a cloth for our games.

The armies were also varied. There was a tyranid army, Tau army, a chaos space marine army and I had a space marine army. Between the four of us we got a good two solid games each on the day

I got to play both games with the "Sieze Ground" scenarios, the first being a Dawn of War mission while the other was Spearhead.
I fought against the Tau in the first game - lots of minor mistakes on both sides - both in tactics and rules - but hey it was still fun with, bizzarely, a discussion on what to do between the two of us when we were supposed to be clobbering each other. Very enjoyable and ended up a draw - but mostly because of friendly tips from the Tau player.
I am still trying to get my head around objectives. I have mostly always played space marines, but i am a natural Khorne follower, i.e. charge and shoot and kill and loot and destroy.
The second game was against Chaos Space Marines. Plenty of fun and learning in this game too. Lucky for me though the Chaos player got slightly stuck between a hill and a building while i slowed him down and grabbed as many objectives as possible. One of the funnier moments was when the Chaos Land Raider decided to ram my own Land Raider. There was lots of bangs and smashes with little but paint work scratched when the smoke and dust cleared. I justcould not believe he rammed me. But it was a good run through of the rules on ramming. Might try it myself sometime - not as desparate as i first thought it was.
Lots of last turn tricky shooting and blowing things up rolls with the dice rolling in my favour this time.
All in all a brilliant day, which i hope will happen again soon.