Thursday, 24 October 2013

Godslayer goes Free to Download

Megalith Games has announced that the Godslayer core rules is now a free downloadable PDF in ENGLISH and GERMAN. 

Megalith Gsmes said "After all the trouble with the GERMAN translation and printing of the books, we felt that we heavily owe our supporters a "quick" solution. So while we are still all waiting for the printed versions of the GERMAN rulebook, we wanted to give you the chance to start reading the rules right now and that´s why we offer the GERMAN rules for free download! Of course we did the same with the ENGLISH version so that no one is in any disadvantage. The downloadable PDF contains the complete rules on 110 pages! This will allow everyone to get a good look at the game and decide for yourself if you are joining the ranks of the fanatic Godslayer players all over the world!"

Can't say fairer than that.  Go and download the rulebook now and get yourself up to speed.  You can also download the quick-start rules as well.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

All Ireland Flames of War Tournment

We had the absolute pleasure to host the Battlefront All Ireland National Tournament at the weekend and there was a fantastic turnout.  As far as we know it was the largest tournament gathering of Flames of War players on the the Island of Ireland with a grand total of 16 attending.  Not content with that the tournament attracted not only players from Ireland and Northern Ireland but also players from England and as far away as Denmark!!

Out of the 16 lists 11 were Allies and only 5 Axis with the largest being American lists.  Though there was a Canadian list with a little off-board help from a naval bombardment

Round one

Round two

Round Three

The big results

1st - Padriac O'Confhaola - The first "All Ireland Flames of War Champion"
2nd - Richard Flood
3rd - John Gallagher
4th - Ulick O'Sulivan
5th - Daniel Stempien
6th- Brian McKenzie
=7th -Craig Owen
=7th -Johnny Fisher
=7th- Brendan McGee
10th - James Owens
11th - Soren Pendersen
=12th - Matt McVeigh
=12th - Johnny Millar
14th - Alan Bates
 15th - Chub
16th - Dale Wallace

And so after a hard days fighting, but with a 'Savage feed' to boot the final result gives us the first All Ireland Champion (and mucho bragging rights to boot) - Padraic O'Confhaola!

Everyone taking part got a goodie bag.  No Blankety Blank Chequebook and pen though
The Generals together.
John Gallagher - Third place
Richard Flood - Second place
The All Ireland Champion!!
Padraic pointing out how awesome he is! 
A massive thanks to Scott, the Tournament organiser who masterfully steered the games forward, to all the players and we hoped you enjoyed your day, and to all the staff in Arthur Square Masonic hall who made the stay very pleasant indeed.

Many thanks also to
Battlefront - for believing we could pull this off and helping us with prize support
Battleboards - for helping with designing some of the material and creating some awesome North Africa boards to play on.
Dramascape - for helping us begin to create villages and being generally nice chaps
Emerald Model Terrain - for building a fantastic little bunker for the goodie bags.
Amera Plastic Mouldings - for some of the terrain used to build a fantastic airfield

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Godslayer - one year on.

On 1st October 2012 Megalith Games finally saw their baby, Godslayer, born.  It was unbound from its chains and set loose upon an unsuspecting world.

Wee Gamers heard about this game when the Hairy Painter flaunted the kickstarter under our noses.  We thought, "Oh here, he's at it again." but when we actually looked we could not believe how beautiful the range was nor how polished the rulebook and background book was.

When we got our hands on some of the Godslayer "Stuff" we were really excited and just had to review it.

We have been taking this lovely game around Ireland to the different conventions and has been fairly well received.  We hope to see a few more people getting behind this game in the future.

And so we just wanted to say - Happy Birthday Godslayer!! :)

Wee Andy and Wee Ivor

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Wee Andy looks at Star Trek Attack Wing

It's safe to say that most fighting in Star Trek takes place in the games, the tv and movies had their spats of action but it was always the story which for most drove the shows forwards.

Now Star Trek based combat games are nothing new, but appeal very much to the wargaming fan of the franchise rather than as merchandise for fan boys to buy. Amarillo Design Bureau have the extensive and famous Star Fleet Battles and its host of spin off titles, but it's fair to say its a system for the dedicated.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wee Andy looks at Kings Watch by Jeff Parker & Marc Laming

When we're not ripping open new games, painting miniature backlogs and generally having fun even we Wee Gamers still like to sit back and enjoy a good comic or two. 

Something we don't get to do near as much as we'd dearly like, but recently we've managed to squeeze in a few titles we thought we might share with you, our loving followers and sometime commentators. 

Wee Andy has been reading Issue 1 of  Dynamite comics' "Kings Watch" by Jeff Parker & Marc Laming. And he was especially pleased that he got the exclusive subscription edition with a cover by Ramóon K. Pérez. 

Spoiler warning- it's unavoidable but to do justice we do let slip various elements of the story so skip to the last paragraph if all you wants a loose comment of closing and a score of sorts.